Certified Public Accountants

We're always looking for talented tax professionals that want to grow their business outside their local community.  Our service allows you join us at no cost to you and get paid to provide tax preparation services withour ever having to meet with a client to gather information or deliver your work product. You get paid to do the part of the project that you like to do the most.

Our service is designed to work best for the solo CPA or a CPA with a small staff.  Mid-size local and larger regional firms are encourage to inquire, but generally won't meet our ideal profile.

Here are our "must-haves" for our CPA team:

  • You must be a CPA
  • Your license must be in good stading in your state (yes, we check with your Board of Accountancy)
  • You must use ATX Total Tax Office (by CCH). Sorry, it has to be this application and no other.
  • You must agree to our terms of service
  • You must agree to our contractual terms for cost, timeliness and quality of work product.

If you would more information please call us at 877.610.3781 or email us at: [email protected].