Sample Marketing Tools

Tax Tips

We've put together a collection of 30 tax tips that you can customize with your picture and contact information that are suitable to printing in your local newspaper, emailing to clients and prospects or for your website.  This tool is available in a text-file or PDF format.

Sample tax tip text ad copy
Tax Tip

Customized Print Advertisements

Use these highly customizable ad slicks in your local newspaper or community magazine to promote your business and the tax preparation service.  The package includes 4 ads, (2)  3"x 5" ads for the tax preparation service and (2)  3"x 5" for our 2nd Opinion Service.

Ad Sample

Customized Radio Advertisements

We teamed-up with a nationally known radio personality to record customized 15, 30 and 60 second radio advertisements to promote the tax preparation and 2nd opinion service.  This professionally produced ads will put the "polish"  your business.  

Color Brochure

Use this full-color brochure to present to clients and prospect about our service. The brochure covers important topics like financial planning and tax planning. Watch your mailbox for a full-size sample brochure and order form. Download a sample brochure

Sample Brochure